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Manzamo seen from the ocean by Kayak cruising

Required Time:About 1.5hours

Let's see the Wonderful View of the Manzamo!

Let's feel the wind which is a dynamic view of Manzamo looking up from the ocean!
The sunset is all for you if you take the 7th departure time. (7th is only in July to September).


  • Adult (over 12 years old)¥3,000
  • child(from 6 to 11 years old) ¥2,500

    • ※1person fee + ¥2,000 is Ok for Barbeque
      ※In the case of the 7th departure time, ¥2,500 is Ok for Barbeque

      Included in the fee are:
      Life Jacket, Sea Kayak rental fee, Wetsuit(winter only), Insurance fee and consumption tax


Departure time and duration :
1st 8:30~10:00、2st 9:30~11:00、3st 11:00~12:30、
4st 12:30~14:00、5st 14:00~15:30、6st 15:30~17:0、
7st 17:30~19:00
(7th is only in July to September)

Reception・Payment/Changing・Briefing/Leave from the beach・Manzamo kayak cruising/Back to the beach/Shower・Changing/Finish(It is available to choose the starting time for BBQ. Please Let us know the time in advance.)

※Required Time:About 1.5 hours


※Please confirm it before going out as the course might be cancelled or changed due to weather or sea condition.

※Shower / locker are in charge of guests. Please use the facilites in the beach.

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