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Enjoy seeing of Manza cliff from the sea by riding banana boat

Required Time:About 15 minutes

"Manzamo" is famous as a beautifull scenary spot!

A view from the sea, where it is very unusual, is awesome! After enjoying the location, have a thrilling ride on the banana boat which is all right even at a slow pace for children and women.


  • Adult (over 13 years old)¥2,000
  • child(from 3 to 12 years old) ¥1,500

    • ※1person fee + ¥2,000 is Ok for Barbeque

      Included in the fee are:
      life jacket, head gear, wetsuit (winter only), insurance fee and consumption tax


Departure time and duration :
Please inform us your desired starting time.
※Duration: about 15minutes

Acceptance and fee settlement, change of clothes and briefing, start from the beach riding the banana boat to Manza cliff, return to the beach, take a shower, change of clothes, the end


※Please confirm it before going out as the course might be cancelled or changed due to weather or sea condition.

※Guests who wish to take part in barbeque, please book in advance as it might be fully booked.

※Shower / locker are in charge of guests. Please use the facilites in the beach.
(Shower \100/2minutes・ Locker \200/ time)

※Please consider that for guest safety, guests who are or might be pregnant will not be permitted to participate in this course.

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